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Indian Mutual Funds



Indian Mutual funds

A mutual fund is a trust that pools money from many investors and invests in securities such as stocks, bonds, and short-term debt etc. The combined holdings of the mutual fund are known as its portfolio.

 They are an ideal investment vehicle for those who do not have the expertise to invest directly in stocks. You simply invest in a fund, and the fund manager will do the job of picking the stocks that he thinks will yield good returns.

To assist clients to invest in Indian Capital Markets, QBG Geojit Securities has tie ups with the top Asset Management Companies in India.

QBG Geojit offer Mutual fund investment through  both online and offline , QBG Geojit is a registered partner of NSENMF , the online mutual fud  investment platform of NSE , India’s largest Stock Exchange is designed to bring you independence and empowerment combining superior technology and operational ease. 

 Our mutual fund back office will provide you the best reports in the industry which can be accessible online as well for the registered users. 

Our mission is to help you trade seamlessly.

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